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Mark Rasmussen

CEO, No Cover, Inc.
Mark founded No Cover in May 1997 and has been CEO ever since growing the magazine to 100,000 copies as the largest free magazine on the westcoast and later taking the publication to newsstand worldwide. With the advent of the digital age Mark’s vision is to localize each publication and tailor it to the needs of each community. People still want print but they want it more local and not something they can quickly read about from their phones. Print needs to be more personalized and that is the next evolution with No Cover opening local print publications starting in Ventura and Phoenix and growing in each city and offering a source for people to find out who to listen to and where to go to see them.

Tim Amoroso

Managing Editor/Ventura
When Tim is not doing a kick ass job getting the best new bands in No Cover he concentrates on perfecting his ukulele playing and aspires to be one day the next Israel Kamakawiwoʻole.