Mitchy Collins from the band Lovelytheband talks about his recently debuted single, “Broken”, which hit number one on Alt Nation on Sirius XM and the emotions that inspired his writing. He explains “The song is about finding someone who is just as scared and broken as you and trying to

Netflix and Kill

Silent Hill One of the few video game adaptations that I actually think works, Silent Hill is atmospheric, gloomy, moody as hell and frankly creepy.  The character change from the game to the movie makes sense (changing Harry from a confused buffoon of a father to a more than obsessed mother)

Dave Mason

One assumes to be a rock star is to get famous by being the biggest outsized personality you can be while playing ostentatious music and hogging the spotlight as often as possible. It’s what we expect. The biggest names in rock from Jimi Hendrix, to Paul McCartney, to Michael Jackson