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Are You A Psychopath?

Are You A Psychopath? Our editor asked for some more edgy articles for No Cover. I threw  a couple of ideas at him, and he felt they were lame. I agreed. Then I came across the Psychopath test. This a test created in the 70's by Robert D. Hare. There are

VCMA Meet the Nominees

ROV- First of all we are very honored to be nominated for the music awards. We bring our style of classics done up with our own style of Arena Rock to the music community for those who have great memories to the songs we play and to bring our sound

Once A Wolf

Once a Wolf is four-piece rock band from Ventura, California that’s coming back from a short break and lineup change with their newest e.p. titled “Irene”, released on April first of this year. The band consists of Nick Morrison (Vocals), Max Dickenson (Guitar), Brett Wilcox (Bass), and Kevin Dunn (Drums). When

The Local Scene

Kohli's Music Bits! By: Michael Kohli Why, hello again fellow music freaks! I've been involved with our lovely music scene since 1995. Both as a rock dj, promoter and columnist. I like to write my columns in gossip column forum. With tidbits of entertaining music info. Special thanks to NO


INTERVIEW WITH GIANCARLO MISTRETTA lead-singer/guitarist of RETRODEMON By SILVIE MIETZEKATZE ~“I was never interested in defining myself by any one musical genre, just anything that basically stimulated dopamine production in my brain (without drugs)” Santa Barbara is probably the most beautiful town I have ever been to. We got mountains, the ocean and

Hard Six

Written by Silvie Mietzekatze If you’re from Ventura and you have not heard of HARD SIX, you must have been dead for the last couple years. HARD SIX is a Ventura county based Rockabilly band that features FUSE HARDSIX on vocals/ guitar, BILLY VOGELCIDE on upright bass and CHRIS STORY on


Interview With Andrew from Effurtless How long have you been in the music industry and what inspired you to start? Creative writing and poetry got me started. I’ve been doing music for 8 years but have been actually trying to do something with it for 2-3 years now. Where does your name “Effurtless”

8th Annual Nardcore Turkey/Toilet Bowl

This November you can’t miss the annual Nardcore Bowling Turkey / Toilet Bowl! This two day event kicks off Saturday November 18th! The bands who will be performing during the tournament are; C.O.A Bootleg Brigade, Public Nuisance, Punk 101, Gnarly Party, Los Creepers, Guilty By Association, The Hymen Blasters, The