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Ingraven Interview – Youtuber

Ingraven Interview By: Madeline McPhail What got you started on YouTube? Just seeing other people do it and knowing that it was something I could see myself doing.. More recently, my channel has changed a lot because before it was centered around game of madden but now I talk about anything centered around football. What’s

8th Annual Nardcore Turkey/Toilet Bowl

This November you can’t miss the annual Nardcore Bowling Turkey / Toilet Bowl! This two day event kicks off Saturday November 18th! The bands who will be performing during the tournament are; C.O.A Bootleg Brigade, Public Nuisance, Punk 101, Gnarly Party, Los Creepers, Guilty By Association, The Hymen Blasters, The

Conspiracy Theories (It’s in the Lyrics)- David Bowie, Phil Collins and Lorde

  The lyric: "Something happened on the day he died / Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside" - Blackstar (2016) The conspiracy theory: Because David Bowie's work was always loaded with extra meaning, narrative strands and the presence of stage personas, it has away of humoring those looking for conspiracy theories.


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