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Dave Mason

One assumes to be a rock star is to get famous by being the biggest outsized personality you can be while playing ostentatious music and hogging the spotlight as often as possible. It’s what we expect. The biggest names in rock from Jimi Hendrix, to Paul McCartney, to Michael Jackson

Sun Graves

Written by Silvie Mietzekatze Getting older sucks. Hangovers now last for days and the thoughts about starting a retirement fund instead of spending every last, hard-earned dollar on concerts and records becomes more frequent. But the true evil of aging for me is preventing myself from becoming a music grouch, the

Father and Son Rock Duo, The Hubcap Stealers

Written by Madeline Mcphail Father and Son Rock Duo, The Hubcap Stealers Never underestimate the power of the duo, especially when the two band members are father and son. Neal and Ian Sowers spend their bonding time stomping and rocking the stage in their two piece band called The Hubcap Stealers. Recently,

Going to be Legendary

There is a trick people do when they are struggling to describe a band. They go searching through their recent memory for a “box” to put them in that most reminds them of the sound. This “box” is formed by a mental sticky point, the singer's tone of voice, or


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