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“When you make something handmade it means a little bit more than when you buy something for someone.” - when talking about printing up the very first SUBLIME artwork on a pillow that the late BRADLEY NOWELL used to carry around with him. INTERVIEW BY TIM AMOROSO WRITTEN BY SILVIE MIETZEKATZE TIM: You guys


NORWOOD FISHER – FISHBONE “At the end of the day it is family dynamics with us.” Interview by Tim Amoroso Written by Silvie Mietzekatze TIM: You guys are back to the original line up? NF: Yeah. 1994 was the last time the entire line up as it is played together. TIM: How did that come about? NF:

The man behind the Surf Rodeo

JD – the man behind SURF RODEO “ you better tell a good story with your show” Interview by TIM AMOROSO Written by SILVIE MIETZEKATZE Beach, live music, surfing, pie eating contests, bikini girls and just a really freakin’ good time? – That my friends is the SURF RODEO – and it is happening

Quick bite with Dexter Holland of The Offspring

I sat down with Dexter Holland of The Offspring discussing his new Gringo Bandito hot sauce. How and when did you decide to come up with a hot sauce and did you create it yourself? I was at a Mexican restaurant eating a burrito and thought, how cool with it be to


Written by Silvie Mietzekatze “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” On the morning of June 8th - I woke up because my phone kept constantly buzzing. Pretty irritated by this noise, I picked it up ready to throw it against the wall but saw the first

Behind The Warped Tour – Backstage dirt

Ron Underwood- Opiate for the Masses A girl in Kansas city gave me some acid I felt as I was on the edge Drummer Chris Gaylor of All-American Rejects Chris Gaylor- All American Rejects. photo: courtesy of (Associated Press: Peter Kramer) There was a lot, like man, there’s so many things cause,

Ill Repute – Nardcore Legends

Ill Repute is like a household name in the Ventura County area. They were some of the pioneers of “Nardcore” scene, a subgenre of hardcore punk in the Oxnard area originating in the early 80’s, alongside other bands like Dr. Know, Stalag 13, and Aggression. The band currently consists of

Warped Tour Memories

Fletcher Dragge- Pennywise There is a lot of Warped Tour memories. One of my favorite stories is – Kevin used to round everyone up on days off and try to come up with an event for all the bands and crews. So they can get together and do something fun –

The Grim – Grindin’

THE GRIM “We just want to encourage other musicians to believe in themselves and stick to what they are doing. We’re proof, that doing so works.” Interview with BOB OEDY By Silvie Mietzekatze You guys played with a lot of big name bands like NOFX, BAD RELIGION, PENNY WISE etc. What was your favorite


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