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Silversun Pickups: Carrying the torch

For whatever reason, guitarist/vocalist Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups feels compelled to tell the truth regarding the origin of his bands name. Instead of drumming up some far fetched, drawn out explanation, he decides honesty is the best policy. “Usually I don’t like to say, but you caught me on


INHALT is a San Francisco based trio best known for their dynamic synth-driven dark electronic sound. Their first three releases were on notable record labels such as a split 12” with London’s seminal World Unknown Records in 2011 and was followed by their ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Occupations’ EPs for San Francisco’s


"Make the whole world feminist," growl croons BadCop/BadCop singer Stacey Dee in their new single "WOMANARCHIST" off their upcoming record "Warriors" to be released on Fat Wrech Chords June 16th. A four piece punk rock band that leans heavily on nineties pop punk influence and a dash of Go-Go's like

Cheech Marin’s Big Adventure

  Its very rare to find somebody, especially in southern California, who doesn't know who Cheech Marin is. With his snap wit and easily identifiable exaggerated accent he's a main stay of stoner cinema and comedy. He co-wrote and acted in all eight of the Cheech and Chong movies with partner

These Boots were Made for Rock’n

Pascal Davayat is a Leather worker, Boot maker, and Metal engraver who originally came from France to go to school in Los Angeles as a musician. After deciding to leave music behind it was time for Pascal to look toward something else to make ends meet. Undocumented at the time he started repairing

Rise Against – Wolves

In 1999 ex-88 Fingers Louie bassist Joe Principe joined forces with vocalist Tim Mcllrath to form Rise Against, a heavily hard core influenced melodic punk band. Mixing an emotional and passionate sound with members Zach Blair(guitars, backing vocals) and Brandon Barnes(drummer, percussion) the guys are still at it. June


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