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Disrupted Euphoria interview

How long have you been together? How has the band’s look changed from the start to now?

Austin: We’ve been a band for 5 years.  In the start our look was a very loose concept. Sparky during our 2nd practice came in and said I’m wearing a mask. Then Jack stole the idea of masks so then Hannah and I (Shadowsill) decided to do make up.

Hannah: In the very beginning we wanted to be postapostolic themed. But we evolved to now to everything red, black and spikey.

Jack: I have had 3 masks. The one I am currently wearing is a Deadshot masked I repainted. It is hard to find a mask you can see through it.  It helped with my stage fright. 

Jacob: Jack had the mask 1st and I didn’t have a mask. Then Halloween came around and I saw these half masks at the 99-cent store. So I am going to wear this on stage. The one you see me wearing now. We are doing a whole list of songs based on serial killers. Who better than John Wayne Gacy to do on a half mask so I did a Joker type look.

Austin:  For me it was pretty much the same. I was a big fan of the 90’s goth look. Black eyes and a Black lipstick. Pretty simple.

Hannah: We were going to do a show at Rock City. I wanted to do a smiley face and draw X’s to look dead. I put on black lipstick, blacked out the eyes and added red to make it look like my eyes were ripped out.

You guys are really fun to watch. The way you guys play and the music you shoot out. Just raw energy. What’s next for the band ? Where do you see it going now?

Everything, the next goal is to tour. We were recording our 1st single. It was in Mastering when Covid hit. Then everything stopped, so our single is in limbo. We had planned to go do a video for it as well. 

We were gonna use that to get our foot into the touring world.  Hey we ARE Here! We want to do everything. We want to be like Dethklok meets Metallica. This music is for everyone. We never wanna walk away from a show saying, “That was amazing.” We want to walk away from it saying, “We can do better!” Each show has to be better than the last. It’s true! You can always do better. Each show must be better than the last. Even if you don’t like Metal, check us out, we promise you will love it. We played a show for veterans. They loved it. I had an old man come up to me and ask what type of music this is. I said Metal. He said Metal? I love it! We want everyone to enjoy it from kids 5 to 92. We are hungry! We are Ready! We are going to ROCK!

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