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Celiaflor (LaChanteuse) profile

An angelic voice fell from the heavens, landing in Port Hueneme, to grace us with her beautiful music, and that was Celiaflor.

Celia is a singer/songwriter and self-taught guitarist, who goes by “LaChanteuse”, which is a fitting moniker.She started writing poetry that slowly morphed into her soft, soulful lyrics.       

In high school, Celia had her eyes set on joining the band.  Her music teacher soon learned she was able to hit certain high notes no one else could, and she ended up in the choir.  I bet that choir never sounded as good.         

Like many singers, playing to an audience was, and at times, still is a daunting task for this shy woman.  It’s one she loves, gives her strength, purpose and happiness.  

In her many musical adventures, Celia has performed in coffee houses, wine cellars, brewing companies, farmer’s markets and special events for the Relay of Life,  American Heart Association, and Hearts and Hammers.

Celia has been focusing on finishing her original songs and performing small sets.  With her bands,  she has performed covers from artists such as Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, Linda Ronstadt and Chaka Khan, to name a few.  She’s a small lady with a commanding yet fun presence.

Celia’s first experience in a band was with Cerca, where they performed all original songs written by a band mate.  In her next project, she collaborated with her sister, forming RCTL and performed her own various originals at Save the Art Culture (S.T.A.C.) events.  This is where she gained confidence as an artist in front of an audience.

The sisters later performed with It’s About Funkin’ Time, competing in a Corporate Battle of the Bands.  Celia met many talented musicians during this experience and performed in various cover bands.  It was here she met Patrick Maher and joined what would become Oleander Falls, featuring Patrick’s originals.  Their EP Carry Me Home features Celia in “The Highway Man” and their title track, “Carry Me Home”.  The group has had an extensive repertoire of covers including Bill Withers’ “Use Me” and an ethereal rendition of “At Last”, which would make Etta James proud.  Oleander Falls still performs as a duo, sometimes with special guests.

In addition to all this, Celia and friends have formed The Heart Beats, who have performed yearly since 2016 for the American Heart Association’s Ventura County Heartwalk.  

In 2018, Celia joined Urbane Groove, whose repertoire ranges from Bossa Nova to jazz fusion.  She is currently recording an LP of originals with the band at Megasound Studios in Ventura and they hope to release singles this year.

You can find Celia’s musical projects with Oleander Falls, Urbane Groove, and soon her own originals at:

https://linktree/, where you can check out SoundCloud and YouTube channels.  You can also follow Celia on her Facebook and Instagram

In August, if the restaurants and bars are open, Celia’s booked to perform at Relm in Camarillo.

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