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NOW TRENDING…..TUPAC SUCKS!!!!!! There has been a trend of young rap artist making a public statement that Tupac is overrated, boring and not interesting. Some have gone as far as flat out saying he sucks. Is this the ultimate act of rebellion? Is this HipHops version of Rock N Rolls Disco is dead? Maybe? it is indeed a way to get some promotion. Rapper Lil Xan said that Pac was boring. This is coming from a rapper who’s named after a prescription that is made to calm someone down and frankly make them “boring”. LilYachty said that he doesn’t know 5 Tupac or Biggie songs.. I have nephews around the same age. Yea, Tupac might not be what they are constantly bumping. But i would bet money they could name at least five Tupac or Biggie songs. These statements by these rappers make the Old Heads and a large part of a generation furious. This is not only HipHop blasphemy, this is pop/world culture blasphemy. This is right in line with saying The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley and U2 suck. Yea Tupac might not be what sounds good to the younger generation but sating he sucks is like walking into a church and saying fuck Jesus. Now why would you walk into a church and say fuck Jesus? So the whole church will turn around and look at you. This is more of a look at me more than it is a criticism. Now if I truly heard a intelligent argument of why these rappers would think Tupac is boring or sucks. I would listen. I respect everyones opinion and taste in music. That’s what I’m personally all about. Musical Freedom is a major part of brand for God’s sake. But these responses are not intelligent. They are pure shock and awe. They are a trending form of promotion. They are the call to arms of a young generation thats saying my mom and dads music sucks. It is young rebellion. I can’t help to think why I didn’t think that Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder or Smokey Robinson sucked. I was rebellious.I guess I gravitated towards my dads bell bottom pants and butterfly collar shirts sucked. My Dads music was great. My grandfathers music was great. Yes I didn’t like it all. I did respect it. Enough to give it a chance. I believe this generation has some disrespectful characters. They have through their music and interpretation of the culture showed that they barely respect themselves. So why would they respect their elders? why would they respect the culture and artist that paved the way for what they are doing now? It’s purely for promotion and it is working well. When these events of a public Tupac bashing came about. The young artist who said it is usually a trending topic. Young Greedo just as yesterday said that Tupac lived a fabricated life and wasn’t real. I never heard of this Greedo guy until this. I surely will not be listening to any of music now. But he is getting the attention he seeks. He is playing the Tupac card. Last year when Joe Budden was part of the Complex web show “Everyday Struggle” he took the angry Old Head to the next level. He had a problem with these young artist and was not afraid to let it be known. He basically thought musically they sucked. Being from the same era i stood behind him 100%. This Joe Budden verses the young artist sparked a trend of young artist pushing Joe’s Buttons…..get it? Pushing Joe’s buttons pushed some buttons in alot of us from that era. Which lead to the glued to the show hoping Joe lets em have it with everything we in our heads are thinking but cant say. But we can comment, we can hate. Ultimately we began to promote. Without knowing it we were giving them the bad publicity that in the publicity business is still considered good publicity. Most likely there is a manager of agent who has Tupac playing in their very own car signing off on this promo idea. It’s all business. It’s all in the trend. We can dive into the respect the culture and the cats who paved the way shit. But this article isnt about that. This article is about young entrepreneurs selling a product. “Tupac sucks”is their version of The Super Bowl commercial. Its walking into the church and saying Fuck Jesus. Hoping the congregation gets up and chases you into the crowded street for everyone to see. They got us looking. Here comes the sales pitch. Young rappers know what their doing and guess what? “I aint mad at cha”

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