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VCMA Meet the Nominees

ROV- First of all we are very honored to be nominated for the music awards. We bring our style of classics done up with our own style of Arena Rock to the music community for those who have great memories to the songs we play and to bring our sound to the newer generations.

Vanessa Lynn Hip-hop is in desperate need of a female who delivers lyricism with substance. The genre is long overdue for a female artist who can holdher own when representing the 805 community.

Kings Revenge- Among the Best of Live Bands in Ventura County; KINGS REVENGE has continued to prove that they take their musical craft, their community, andtheir duties as good human beings very seriously.

Mike Scully- I believe Mike Scully deserves to win because his music touches my heart & soul… he’s so talented and has worked so hard at his craft…

Professional  Americans- After severalhours of discussion and deep introspection, with much debate about how to reply to such a question (ranging from pathetic to extremely bizarre) in two sentences – through a furious text chain – we arrived, as a whole, on the following response. We are Professional Americans and we Rock Big League.

Lola Hagg- “Lola is a long time resident of Ventura County and is honored to be nominated in the Best Jazz category for 2018. She, along with her band, have performed at 50+ venues in Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Also a recording artist, Lola has 7 CDs and many fans worldwide but her favorite place to perform is home in Ventura County.

Mystos- “With the support of our friends and other local musicians, we’ve gone from casually jamming in a garage to releasing an EP in less than a year. Because of our diverse musical backgrounds, we’re able to write songs of all different genres and bring something truly unique to the Ventura County music scene.”

Laci Kay- I believe I deserve to win because I put in the countless hours to make sure my music is 100% representing who I am. I also do NOT give up, been at it for 12 years and I feel like I’m just getting started.

Medicine Hat- Medicine Hat has consistently supported the local music scene, both collectively as a band and individually for years and believes that one of the best ways to promote one’s own project is by going out and supporting other artists, shows and events. It’s this community involvement philosophy, in addition to the band’s unique songs and sound and their approach to songwriting and singing in the Americana genre that makes them deserving of the Best Americana Artist in this year’s Ventura County Music Awards.

Jukebox rockers- We are a band that is made up of pro level musicians that play a wide variety of genres. Our covers of the songs are our best attempt to capture the original sound and vibe of the original recordings.

Power Syndicate- When it comes to “Covers”, Power Syndicate has what you need. Whether it be Rock, Rap, Old School, Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Pop or Metal….we’ve go you “Covered” !!!

Bohica : BOHICA is not your typical cover band; playing a wide variety of songs that are very recognizable, but not often covered, and always done the BOHICA way!

Nick justiano : I think i deserve to win because I am a young musician with litterally no other purpose in life than to play music and because when im on stage I play for the people not myself. As much as i do for myself when I play I play yo serve the people

The Question- The Question band consiats of a humble bunch of musicians who wish to expose to the world, Love, Unity, and Healing through musical expression. We believe we deserve this due to our consistency of relentless hard work and persistence to not only engage with our fans but to uphold a standard of providing quality music with positive vibes and messages.”

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