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ROCK CITY STUDIOS “Supporting local music and providing music education.”

“Our main focus is to support local music and provide music education.”

Every city needs this. People that are not led by greed or ego – but just by the sheer passion of giving back to their community and to create a safe, fun and unique place for young people to learn about music and enjoy it. Meet the people behind this amazing venue!

Written by Silvie Mietzekatze

I heard legendary stories about Rock City, but have to confess that I do not know much about it. Could you tell me what it is about?
Our main focus is supporting local music and music education.
The best way to describe ROCK CITY is that we are a multi purpose music facility incorporating pretty much everything in music. We have a live venue in here that can hold about 300 people – technically 350 – we have an emersions experience inside the video with our projection system, allowing us to completely change the walls and give the partygoers a brand new experience to a show. We have a recording studio that is hooked up to the stage – we can record 32 tracks with it. A lot of bands have us record their live shows.

Is Rock City Studios an all ages venue?
Yes and we will always be one. That is something that we are very much about over here. Supporting the local community – giving kids the opportunity to see a show. We have veteran security guards. Everyone here cares and has a heart for it.
I mean the most important thing that we do here in my eyes is that we teach lessons – and we have about 150 kids that take lessons from us in a week and we hold scholarships for them that need it… We also have a music store here as well too.
The beauty of ROCK CITY is that we will always be an ALL AGES venue, we don’t have a bar here, but do allow in and outs and everyone gets a wrist band so they can come in and out and go to the bar next door.

What are the youngest kids that come to ROCK CITY?
We have a student here that is 4 years old and we had a student here that was 70!
Rock City is part of the community here and that is important to us – we have done the strawberry festival and we are doing all the movies in the park in Camarillo and we sponsored the music stage at the Warped tour for you guys – NO COVER.

Tell me about the history of Rock City?
Ann: The owner established ROCK CITY in 2008 and he approached me to take it over – I knew Brett and he was in a spot in his life that he was ready for a career move and he was interested in helping me do it. I had a different mission for it that the other owner – it is similar but it is a little bit of a different misson. It is more teaching and more community involvement. I have a business background and Brett has the music background….
My passion is to have something for young people to do because there is not much out there and not everybody is a soccer player.

Brett: Not only do these kids come and take lessons with us, but they see shows here. They have the chance to see national acts play. That way our students get the full experience, because here they get to see the people that inspired them to play music in the first place.

What are the biggest acts you guys had?
We had members of SLIPKNOT play, SUICIDE SILENCE, EVERYTIME I DIE – we had a lot of bands that played this years WARPED TOUR played here at some point too and it is nice to see that these bands remember us when they see us the next time. SUICIDE SILENCE for example stopped their show just to say thanks to us – and to say how well we run it and what we had here and what we are offering for kids.

What are the cover charges for your show?
It’s about 5 or 10 dollars but nothing over 20 when the band is bigger.
WE also try to help the bands with their other shows, it’s not just about us and we also have a t shirt printer and the local bands come to us and we do a lot of merch for a lot of the bands in the local scene out here.

What is the future for ROCK CITY STUDIOS?
The future is to help as many kids as possible, throw as many good shows as possible there is always growing – things that we learn from each other.
Ann: We want to do more products and we try out a lot of things – like gig bags and merch – we make it very affordable . We also feature some of the kids bands here at the local shows.
Brett: WE also have a record label, and we can help with management to bring more awareness to the local scene. We are one of the first venues in the Unites States that have an immersive experience – you no longer are seeing a show anymore you are actually seeing a theatrical performance of the band and the entire venue itself. We can make gigantic brick walls happen – and let’s crumble down these bricks and make zombies out of them in front of the audience. We can make the venue look like the ocean or like outer space . It is such new technology and not a lot of places have it.

Any important dates coming up?
We are doing all the movies in the park in Camarillo, and we have DRI in October – but check us out on our event page on facebook and give us a like!

ROCK CITY STUDIOS is located in the Pickwick Shopping Center
6410, 2258 Pickwick Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010

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