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Quick bite with Dexter Holland of The Offspring

I sat down with Dexter Holland of The Offspring discussing his new Gringo Bandito hot sauce.

How and when did you decide to come up with a hot sauce and did you create it yourself?
I was at a Mexican restaurant eating a burrito and thought, how cool with it be to create my own hot sauce? I started creating different blends and after about a year I finalized the recipe for the Original Red sauce. This was in 2008.

You say on your website you tried to make it easy on the pooper, how did you go about this?
Well, any hot sauce fan can tell you there are certain sauces or peppers that make your next day pretty tough. We use all natural ingredients and full peppers in our sauce which gives it a full flavor profile. This helps make your next day a bit more pleasant.

How many tacos can you eat in 10 minuets
Oh man, I don’t think I could even break 10 tacos. I don’t know how Kobayashi can eat 159 tacos in 10 minutes!

What is your favorite thing or recipe to put Gringo Bandito on?
I really like our super hot on carne asada breakfast burritos. Delicious!

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