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“At the end of the day it is family dynamics with us.”
Interview by Tim Amoroso
Written by Silvie Mietzekatze

TIM: You guys are back to the original line up?
NF: Yeah. 1994 was the last time the entire line up as it is played together.
TIM: How did that come about?
NF: Through some trying, and some failing and some deep conversation and an appreciation for each other ultimately and love.
Love for the music, love for each other and understanding that it might be unusual that all of us are alive. You have to appreciate that everybody is still here to be a part of this….I am not taking it for granted….
At the end of the day it is family dynamics with us.

TIM: What is the future for you guys?
NF: We are in the song writing process and it feels really good…. We are learning each others material…we jam a little bit. Most people bring what they have written themselves and they bring it over to the band…
Some of the musicians that came through this band were amazing, but there is a chemistry with the original members – sensibilities and instinct and that this is why it is special. It took us all to make it feel that way.
I couldn’t eve say what the standouts are – it is all good.

TIM: When was the last time you were musically inspired?
NF: I listened to the new PARLIAMENT album and I thought George Clinton …is a banger but I am a longtime fan…
I also produce a lot of music…and that is something I look forward to do more of…my last real production release was DOWNTOWN BROWN – from Detroit – their album MASTERZ OF THE UNIVERSE.
I got two other albums in the can that I produced. One of the is this girl called SISTA OTIS ….she is s singer songwriter, guitarist…she got raw awesome talent and we gonna take in terms of cities…we gonna take a little bit of Memphis, a little bit of Detroit, a little bit of Mussel Shoals and a little bit of New Orleans and kind of mix it all up. It’s got all these influences and more. …
But when it comes to new artists…KENDRICK LAMAR – was one of the last artists I have checked out and thought there is hope….and CHILDISH GAMBINO – he is the young renaissance man. Those are the people I have been checking out and bringing out another level of conversations to the game and kicking open doors to possibilities and being unique and unapologetic.

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