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Written by Silvie Mietzekatze

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”
On the morning of June 8th – I woke up because my phone kept constantly buzzing. Pretty irritated by this noise, I picked it up ready to throw it against the wall but saw the first message popping up by my friend – ANTHONY BOURDAIN IS DEAD.
Mind you, I did not know Anthony Bourdain – the chef, author and TV show host – personally. I saw him once in Santa Barbara with Eric Ripert – speaking in front of a large audience. That night I was drunk and dared my friend Kelli, to go up to him during the Q’s and A’s and ask him about a raunchy picture that he had taken, where he was only covering his privates with an animal bone. We even gave him a CD of our all girl punk band A + In Evil that night – and he seemed thankful for that.
And as much as I did not know Mr. Bourdain – I felt Like I lost a dear friend.
And when he died, it seemed that everyone out there felt just like me. People in my facebook feed have very diffrerent views about music, politics and religion – and as divided as they are – pretty much everyone I know, wrote how sad they are, that he took his own life. Anthony Bourdain united people. We mourn him because he called us “friends” – when he was taking us with him on his travels around the world. We shared dinners with him. We got drunk with him and were a part of his gnarly hangovers, and he gave us a raw honest glimpse into the world behind the cameras. Even though he was a star on the travel channel – I never felt like he was trying to sell us something – he just sat there had some home-cooked meals with a family that invited him over and meals with chefs that were proud to serve good food and he would have way too many cigarettes and drinks with his camera crew. He made us connect with people around the world – like nobody else did in our generation. Anthony Bourdain was one of the best story tellers of our time. I related to him even more because he was also a punk rocker – he loved the RAMONES – IGGY POP – and the NEW YORK DOLLS. He was as passionate about music as he was about food.
He left a huge hole in our hearts on the day he died – Anthony Bourdain really was a beautiful and wild ambassador of the world and he will be very missed.

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