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Warped Tour Memories

Fletcher Dragge- Pennywise
There is a lot of Warped Tour memories. One of my favorite stories is – Kevin used to round everyone up on days off and try to come up with an event for all the bands and crews. So they can get together and do something fun – we were maybe in Montana, I don’t know …he rented a couple of boats that hold 60 people each and so we can go down the river. It was pretty scary also pretty radical and we went to a BBQ down by the river – there were about a thousand tourists there and then us. ….and then at some point the motocross guys from Metal Mulisha started to toss chicken wings and potato salad at us and it escalated into a 15 on 15 guy food fight literally in the middle of 500 families. It went ballistic for about 5 minutes and people were not happy.
Security escorted the whole Warped Tour crew back to the boat. Kevin wasn’t happy – we ruined the day with a hardcore food fight.
The next day he was ready to send the Metal Mulisha guys home but then we stepped in and said – if you throw them out then PENNYWISE is going to and he just said : “ you motherfuckers.”….

Ron Underwood from Opiate for the Masses
“I used to be the resident streaker. “

Rick Thorne
I got to see Minor Threat and Pennywise one year together and that was a highlight of my life.
Another time Pennywise didn’t make it on the tour and BRO HYMN had become kinda the anthem of Warped tour – so the MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSTONES started to play that song – but the singer didn’t know the lyrics and asked us if we could sing it – so I went up on stage to do that.

Page Hamilton- Helmet
Getting to play with Social Distortion was awesome. Mike Ness came up to us when we were playing dice and we had to stay cool because we are from New York.

Peter DiStefano – Porno for Pyros
Every time I get to play the Warped tour Kevin Lyman let’s me get into his bus and sleep on his bus with him. Just living with Kevin for a week – that was fun. …I slept in one of the bunks.

Dave Aguilera- Bleed the Dream
I started this side project and I told my band members “we will play warped tour” and we snucked on and we played all the way from Texas to upstate New York – we just hung out for a couple of weeks got to know everybody and the second week we heard of a band that dropped and as dumb as we were we thought “oh there is a spot for us” but little did we know that bands drop off everyday. We walked over to the stage manager asking if we could take the spot of that band and now knowing how Warped Tour is run, we know now that this was so ridiculous.

They looked at us like we were crazy, but actually they respected that and we didn’t leave them alone until they gave us a spot somewhere.
My fondest memory was in Up State New York, Kevin walked up to me with a clip board in his hand asking me “ who are you?” and I said “ yeah I am Dave Aguilera from BLEED THE DREAM” and he said “ I only have you guys down here for two weeks and you have to leave today” and I said “ cool, no problem and I never met him before “ and he said you need to get into your van and leave – there are too many bands on the tour I can’t do this.”
I replied : “ oh by the way we were not supposed to play any of the dates on WARPED TOUR we just snucked on.” And he was like “really?? – I hate you and it’s kind of cool at the same time, he kind of chuckled and said – I see you later” and I said :”no Kevin you will see me next year.” And he just laughed again…Long story short we did see him next year and he started a record label in between then and he actually gave us a record deal on his label. I didn’t take no for an answer.

Greg Hetson- formerly of Bad Religion.

One of my favorite memories was when The Bangles were playing the Don’t Stop Me by Queen song and he just climbs up on the raptors with the microphone and guitar and the whole crowd just went nuts.

Chris Barker of Anti-Flag
We’ve played the Warped Tour SO MANY times. Had great experiences at every one, made lasting connections and friendships at each. We had this amazing show in Philadelphia in 2000 where we closed the main stage AFTER Green Day, and while they were playing we were line checking, they were playing Longview so I was checking my bass playing along. All of a sudden, Mike Dirnt is on our stage, both of us playing the bass line to the track, it was so rad. They were fun and kind and all the things I had hoped the band that was the reason I found punk rock, to be.

Sammy Siegler of CIV
I got to play Chess with Steve Caballero

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