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The Grim – Grindin’

“We just want to encourage other musicians to believe in themselves and stick to what they are doing. We’re proof, that doing so works.”

Interview with BOB OEDY

By Silvie Mietzekatze

You guys played with a lot of big name bands like NOFX, BAD RELIGION, PENNY WISE etc. What was your favorite famous band you played with and why?
We love to play with the Subhumans. It’s just a good fit. It’s one of Tim’s favorite bands growing up. Every time we play with them the crowd goes wild.

In all these years of the Grim history what was the worst gig you have ever played?
We rented a van and drove all the way to Reno, Nevada for a show with Seven Seconds that was cancelled.

And what was the best or best concert experience?
The biggest show was with Weezer and Blink182 at Cox Arena on New Year’s Eve 2001. There were 8,000 people in the audience and MTV covered the event.

What are the plans for the Grim this year?
We are looking forward to playing the final Van’s Warped Tour! We recorded a new album and are interested in doing a live record, like our friends in Night Demon.

Could you tell the readers about your favorite new bands you have discovered?
There’s an all-girl band called The Glam Skanks from Van Nuys. They have so much stage presence. They are going to be huge! With Liberty is another favorite. We played with Headnoise the other night. They are a Christian punk band with a female singer. She has a powerful voice. Great stuff!

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
I’m an author, The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide and work as a union organizer with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

You do the Punk Rock Swap Meet? What and when is it?
It’s a 501(c)(3) charity helping kids. We put on a punk show and swap meet to raise funds for various children’s events. Last year we sponsored a Children’s Christmas Party providing over 250 toys and food to underprivileged kids and a Halloween Family Movie Night. The next Children’s Halloween Party is October 20, 2018. Next Children’s Christmas Party is December 15, 2018. Our next Punk Rock Swap Meet will be January 19, 2019.

For the full interview as usual check out THE GRIM will play the NO COVER STAGE @ the Vans Warped Tour Ventura June 24th.
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