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Interview with Jay Watson of GUM and Tame the Impala

Interview with Jay Watson of GUM and Tame the Impala

Tell me about your new project GUM? How is it different from your other projects?
It’s made up of records I make on my own. The only difference is that it’s solely me.

Do you enjoy writing on your own better than with people?
There are parts I like better. It’s a lot easier when you’re the only one calling the shots. But it can get a bit lonely.

Do you ever share GUM with any musicians or family?
Yeah. I play it to my girlfriend and my friends. I trust them to tell me what they think. If they say they didn’t like it I’m like well you have terrible taste haha.

Take me through the name GUM, how did you decide on that?
It was my nickname for years. My nickname was gumby, I didn’t really like that but then it became GUM and I didn’t really mind that. When I had to name the project something, I could have used my own name but instead I used GUM, I like the imagery of it, It’s like sweet sugary pop music yet it’s kind of sticky and gross.

When do you feel the calling as an artist? How old were you?
I always liked music a lot, it’s hard to remember when I actually started. The first song I remember liking was The Presidents of The USA by Peaches. I took piano lessons and drum lessons as a kid. I didn’t like piano lessons at first, no one does (ha), but I liked learning other people’s songs on the piano and so that got me into it. I actually wanted to be a professional Australian Football player when I was younger. I never thought music would become a profession, I knew I wanted to play music all the time but I never thought I would make money doing it.

When you first joined Tame Impala what was your first initial reaction?
I was just a big fan when I was young, I followed them on Myspace. I really liked Jimi Hendrix and Cream which was similar to Tame Impala.

Outside of music what are you into?
I like tennis a lot, I’ve been trying to exercise a lot to not get fat haha. But I don’t really have time for anything other than music.

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