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Black Satellite

BLACK SATELLITE is a progressive dark and melodic metal Rock Duo comprised of Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken. For six years they’ve been on the grind, traveling, playing shows, promoting and recording.  The two met in high school in central Pennsylvania, performed professionally in New York for a couple of years and headed to Nashville Tennessee where the live music scene is thriving with all styles of live music. Black Satellite is currently in the studio recording in Texas as a follow up to their current full length album ‘Endless’ mastered by the prolific engineer Ted Jensen of Marilyn Manson & Muse fame.  We encourage you to check out the official video for their first single ‘Valkyrie’ immediately. Black satellite full catalog also available on Spotify & all media platforms. Tim Amoroso was able to get this exclusive interview for Red Light District Show and you!

NC- Thank you so much for meeting with us & interviewing for the Magazine
Are you guys out in NY?
LV- We recently relocated to Nashville over the summer but are currently in Texas recording some new music
NC- Who are you guys recording with?
LV- We’re working our engineer & Producer Asher Zeitschik who worked with our last record and we brought in Casey Cooper to do drums
NC- I ask because we have some friends out there Austin, John Moyer from Disturbed that has a recording studio in that area.
NC- Are you guys originally from NY?
KH- Im originally from Central Pennsylvania but we relocated to NY a couple years ago
LV- Thats where we got our professional start
NC- I love your guys sound, How did your sound develop?
LV- We grew up listening to 90’s Grunge & heavier music, then later Radiohead type bands, & while recording this record it was a process of discovery that we want to just be a heavier, It feels so much better to be a heavier band.
KH- My influence was Soundgarden & Alice in Chains & the Arena Rock Sound
NC- How do the newer songs stack up to say, like your song ‘Valkyrie’?
LV- We are recording a couple singles to compliment the Album, We feel like we are more experimental this time around. I feel we have a sense of confidence in trying new things & it’s working out nice for us.
KH- The 1st record was tracked in an apartment in NY, This one is in the studio and is gonna have a much bigger sound. Better Production
NC- What are your plans after you get out of the studio for 2018?
KH- Ideally we will be setting up a Tour, promoting and playing shows
LV- Radio is a plan of ours; we are building this road brick by brick
NC- How did you two meet?
LV- I transferred to High School in Central Pennsylvania my senior year where we met in a class called rock ensembles, essentially you play rock cover songs in a band setting, Kyle said “hey I heard you sing, you wanna be in a band?”
KH- It just grew from there, It is just us in the band, We write all the music. We get session guys that play depending which city we are in.
NC- How long does it take for session musicians to learn the songs?
LV- It depends on the players. They will learn at home, they will come in with a full conception of what we are trying to do.
KH- Typically 2 days
NC- Besides music, What are other forms of art that have inspired you guys?
LV- I studied cinematography in college, I like getting into the visual aspect of the videos
KH- It’s not the same as music but my background was in woodworking and metal shop
NC- What kinda of movies do you like?
LV- I like a lot of dramas
NC- Do guys like Black Mirrors
LV/KH- Yes
NC- Are you guys into sports
LV- No I can’t say I’ve ever been into it
KH- Im not against it or anything but I’ve never really followed it
NC- Is this all Independent, What you guys do?
LV- Yes, but  We did just hire a PR firm
NC- I like them, they are one of my favorites to work with
NC- As a team, do you feel like you get irritated with each other or is it easier for the creative side?
LV- I feel like we know each other really well at this point, we tend to sense what we are thinking, If it feels like there’s gonna be an argument it works itself out.
KH- We don’t argue at all, especially in the studio
LV- We don’t hold back at all when we are writing, very supportive in that aspect
NC- Are you coming to Cali anytime soon or have any shows out here.
KH- We are going to NAMM
NC- I have Tickets, Im not going because i feel I always get sick when I go; Musicians are dirty and grimy haha
LV- What, you don’t wanna get NAMMTHRAX
NC- HA HA well my name is Tim Amoroso, the magazine is No Cover we do an all internet radio out of Ventura California Called Red Light District Show. We hope to have you again in the future. Good Luck & looking forward to seeing where you go, you got this. Thank You so much
Black Satellite- Our Pleasure Thank you

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