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The Local Scene

Kohli’s Music Bits! By: Michael Kohli Why, hello again fellow music freaks! I’ve been involved with our lovely music scene since 1995. Both as a rock dj, promoter and columnist. I like to write my columns in gossip column forum. With tidbits of entertaining music info. Special thanks to NO COVER for allowing me to explore with this new writing opportunity! My friends in ARMY OF FRESHMEN have just returned home from a European tour with BOWLING FOR SOUP and THE AQUABATS! And, also celebrating their 20 year Anniversary! A band that started their gigs at local coffee houses (anyone else remember those Teltron Internet Cafe gigs?!) to becoming a popular touring act! Performing on world tours and traveling to Europe and Japan on their tours, it’s always a treat when once in awhile they perform a local show. Let’s hope they’ll continue their 20 year celebration here soon! What are your ARMY OF FRESHMEN memories? Write to us here at No Cover or comment on Facebook. Anyways, Happy 20 years, Army of Freshmen! A lot of great new acts rocking Ventura lately. Among the fresh new acts in the 805; you may want to catch a live show with SOUP HAT! Featuring members of The Jelly, Fangboy and the Ghouls, The Velveteen, and The Melody Joy Makers! Described as Progresso Rock. Led by female rocker Britney Burchett! They recently gigged at rock dive favorite club, The Red Cove. If you get a chance to see them live, check them out. Also check them out online on Facebook! Recently this year, I drove out to Los Angeles to see a super fun show with up and coming singer, LAUREN RUTH WARD. The show was originally booked as part of a monthly residency at The ECHO. However, the show got so big…they moved it to their neighboring bigger room known as The Echoplex. Lauren Ruth Ward’s self titled album recently got picked up by Weekday Records in conjunction with Sony Music. With a fan group based in Paris, a tour launching this spring and a batch of new music videos all over the web, this is definitely an artist on the rise. Check out Lauren’s full band music page online. Also, check out her newest music videos; “Sheet Stains”, “Sideways”, “Make Love to yourself”, and “Did I Offend You.” Her latest album, “Well, Hell,” was just released last month. You can also buy a physical copy on vinyl if you can catch her at one of her shows. Her next local show is in late March at The Troubadour. Her music has a rock & punk 70s vibe to it. When she sings, “I can’t help the way I am! I was born on a Friday,” you just feel her instant music charm! Local friends in NIGHT DEMON have also returned home from extensive overseas touring opening up for metal legends ACCEPT. In addition to recently performing at OZZFEST late last year. With their second album out and being featured in metal magazines and metal music websites. This band is definitely on the rise. Super congrats to them so far. Let’s hope to see them take on the rest of the world by storm! Local rockers of Ventura, known as GYGAX; are going on tour this March. In support of their new upcoming album, 2nd Edition. You can preview new tracks at their page. Highly recommend their catchy track, “Pure Hearts!” Look out for shows coming near you. Recently caught a WE GOVERN WE show out of town in Los Angeles at THE MINT! It was so great to catch up with this band. With their history of moving from Greece to Ventura some years ago; they are always one of my favorites to see live. One of my favorite music videos of theirs online, “Cotton Candy,” was filmed at the Ventura County Fair. So much fun too. Look for it online along with other great videos including, “Mulligan’s Island” and “bULLY!” Thank you so much for your time! Hope you enjoyed reading my tidbits! Rock on! — Michael Kohli Aka DJ Kohli Rocks

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