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Mitchy Collins from the band Lovelytheband talks about his recently debuted single, “Broken”, which hit number one on Alt Nation on Sirius XM and the emotions that inspired his writing. He explains “The song is about finding someone who is just as scared and broken as you and trying to create a relationship with that person and moving forward in life.” “ This was stemmed and inspired from my own battles with anxiety and depression.” Mitchy tends to draw inspiration from his daily life but most recently he was awed by LCD Soundsystem’s performance at The Palladium in Los Angeles. When Mitchy isn’t working on music he enjoys movies and television shows including “Crashing” and some crime shows. He adds that one hour crime dramas are his favorite. Mitchy is determined to keep the band growing and is very focused at making that happen. After selling out the Troubadour the band continues to be booked on large festivals and tours. You can see Lovelytheband perform this year at South by Southwest 2018 and the 2018 Vance Joy tour.

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