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Jim Johnston (Creator of WWE theme songs) – “nothing can bring you back in time like music”

Creator of sounds and theme songs for WWE fighters like the Undertaker

Interviewed by Tim Amoroso – written by Silvie Mietzekatze

Creator of sounds and theme songs for WWE fighters like the Undertaker

WWE WRESTLING – as American as a PB & J sandwich. It’s one of those sports that live on hype, glitter and show.
Even the current president had partaken in a wrestling match as a sidekick where he ended up shaving his opponent’s head. But these wrestler personas would be nothing without their intro music – the moment when you are waiting for them to enter the ring. Smoke and music pumping you up for what is coming next.
Any sports lives nowadays on the prelude but without intro music the WWE would have lost parts of it’s magic if it wasn’t JIM JOHNSTON – the wrote for about 30 years all the big intros and title songs for the famous wrestlers as the THE UNDERTAKER or COLD STONE STEVE AUSTIN and THE ROCK. JIM JOHNSTON created a sensory atmosphere for what was about to happen and brought many fans Goosebumps.

TIM AMOROSO: As a music fan and a WWE fan you bridged the two worlds for me together. You are a great musician and the world needs to know about you.
JIM JOHNSTON: Thank you! I am not used to get credit for this work and appreciate you getting the word out there. The music is very important in every entity it is supposed to tell you how you should feel, like in Jaws – you know when the shark is coming just by it and it can change the whole story or situation.
TIM: It was the soundtrack of my childhood.
JIM JOHNSTON: Exactly, nothing can bring you back in time like music. Sometimes it reminds us of the good times and sometimes of the bad ones.

TIM: How is your song writing process?
JIM JOHNSTON: I can write them on any kind of instrument but the piano leaves the most room for imagination. Most songs come to me right away. I can hear the songs often completely before I even sit down and write and play them.
I like to help brands and artist to create something to make them become a better brand …I also believe that when people get my resume in front of them and it reads WWE and they might not be that familiar with it they might assume I’m a “heavy metal only guy” which is not true at all. I can write all kinds of different music for different genres from rap to country to rock. I am always looking for new things to expand my portfolio or work with other artists, send them my way.

TIM: What have you learned through your 30 year journey, if you had to give on piece of advice that people will know you for ever and ever what would that be?
JIM JOHNSTON: “ 1. Always try to do the right thing it will serve you and it will be the most selfish thing you can do because it will serve you best in the end….the short term game won’t be worth it. really hard because anything worth doing will not come that easy it will be hard and it is the reason why only a few people become really that successful in what they want to do. 3. Always do your best to take the high road. Because there is just no winning in getting down in the dirt with someone you just get dirty yourself and you feel bad about it later Hold your head high and walk from the trouble and don’t trash people there is nothing to be gained. And the last piece of advice is that you shouldn’t just try to be a good person – be a good person. Help other people when you can and they need help and it pay huge dividends to yourself to be a good person to those around you and it will come back on you many fold on you whereas being an asshole will come back to you immediately and you will be living a life of one time deals with people. Because they don’t want to do business with you again and that means in a business standpoint but that also stands in a relationship and friendship stand point. Some people fear they are giving away their power and at the end of the day the most selfish thing you can do for yourself. And if you’re an idiot the worlds energy will draw you to other idiots and there are plenty to be drawn to. So avoid them.”

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