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All Killer No Filler Interview with Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION

Written By: Madeline McPhail

The release of AWOLNATION’s new album, Here Comes The Runts, is yet again another all killer no filler record. Frontman, Aaron Bruno, intentionally aimed for a more hopeful and uplifting album which is in contrast to the first two studio records they have released. “The first record was an experiment, the second was much darker and alienated, I felt really alone after this accidental break of success.” Aarons career hasn’t always been an easy sail, after experiencing not one but two bad record deals with former bands, the rise of AWOLNATION was unexpected.

The first two albums were a bit of a lonely road for Bruno. Being at the top of the mountain can be very alienating, especially for an artist who is still carrying baggage from previous hardship. Imagine getting on a red eye flight to paradise, after hours of turbulence and lack of sleep, you arrive exhausted, jet lagged and you’ve still got luggage to carry. But no one wants to hear you complain because you’re in fricking paradise! But the truth is, arriving isn’t always as glamorous as we think it to be. “After surviving through those two records, I just felt like, okay no more fucking around, let’s get back to making uplifting/ up tempo songs, much like the ones that influenced me from the beginning.” Bruno shares, “I wanted to make my own version of some of the records in the 80s and 90s that were heavily influential to me.” It was important for Bruno to make a record that reflected the way he felt about music in the beginning. “I wanted to make something that felt nostalgic and represented the idea of a more innocent time and for me that was probably the mid to late 80s.” The record, in a lot of ways, resembles an original and organic appeal. “An important thing is, I got a bit bored with the electronic sound in Alternative rock music today, it’s not really heavy rock anymore, I wanted to go back to what got me into music to begin with and I feel the need right now in music is to hear real playing, real music, real craftsmanship. So real you can almost touch it. I wanted to make something that didn’t sound like plastic.” And that is clearly conveyed in his new record.

Currently, AWOLNATION is touring and will be playing a few shows in Los Angeles which is in Bruno’s home state. He actually grew up surfing in Ventura with his dad who was a very supportive influence for Bruno. “My dad keeps it very humbling. He always told me It’s not about where you are it’s about where you’re going. I have proud parents. More importantly I’m just glad I didn’t let them down.” His dad even works alongside him from the business standpoint.“My dad is my financial advisor so it’s a bonus that we get to work together, kind of like forced family fun.”

AWOLNATION is a live show you don’t want to miss. They put on a very energetic show, sometimes so much so that Bruno finds himself lost in the music. “Sometimes I forget I’m doing it as we are playing, we will be in a song and I’ll lose myself in the music and then it hits me somewhere around the bridge of the song and I’m like oh my god people are here to see me this is overwhelming and it kind of becomes a bit too heavy to stomach with that sort of weight so I keep it in a box and try to focus more on just making good music and not getting caught up in the fact that I’m playing on these big stages.” You can listen to their music on Apple Music and Spotify. Find their tour dates and more at AwolnationMusic.Com.

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