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Mark Rizzo’s Talks New Guitar Instrumental Record ‘Rotation’

Written By: Madeline McPhail

Mark Rizzo, Guitarist from Soulfly, takes his guitar playing skills to the next level with his instrumental guitar records that he started releasing back in 2004. “It’s real heavy stuff, instrumental music with no vocals. I like making the guitar sing with catchy guitar melodies and chord progressions.” Rizzo shares how guitar instrumentals are his favorite type of music and were inspired by guitarist he is a fan of like Joe satchriani and Yngwie Malmsteen. “The ultimate way to express yourself with a guitar is by playing melodies and chord progressions in a way that people can hum over and over again, just real catchy.” His newest record, Rotation, does just that. “The record is about the past 15 years of my life traveling on tour and the experiences I’ve had.” To be able to convey that in music without words is a pretty impressive thing to do and is perhaps why online people have named Rizzo as one of the top 25 guitar players of all time. Rizzo is always working on perfecting and learning his guitar playing skills, even staying in routines and keeping himself disciplined. “I keep busy during the day, Everyday when I wake up I watch a lot of youtube videos of all my favorite players, I practice daily and when I’m not practicing or watching other guitar players, I’m working out or hiking outdoors.” He definitely keeps himself busy in the studio, whether it’s writing guitar for Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, or his new instrumental record, which will be released in March this year.

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