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Ingraven Interview – Youtuber

Ingraven Interview
By: Madeline McPhail

What got you started on YouTube?
Just seeing other people do it and knowing that it was something I could see myself doing..
More recently, my channel has changed a lot because before it was centered around game of madden but now I talk about anything centered around football.

What’s your process for filming a youtube video?
About 90% of my videos are live now. It’s great because I can connect with my subscribers daily. I usually do a live stream everyday, either on the way to work in the morning or after work in the evening. Sometimes if there is breaking NFL news, I’ll take a break at work to do a quick live stream.

What is Team #KeepItClean all about?
I don’t curse at all in any of my videos. It allows me to reach all ages. For instance if a kid is watching a YouTube video and really enjoys it but the YouTuber curses a lot, the parents might not want their kid watching that. My channel is family friendly, all ages can watch and enjoy.

Your favorite team is the Ravens right? How long have you been a Ravens fan and why?
I use to live in Baltimore, my aunt took me to my first ravens game in 2000 and at the time I wasn’t into football but the game was a lot of fun and got me into it..

Is there ever a time when your streaming bad comments or hate and how do you deal with it?
If someone says something and curses, on my youtube i have it set up that if the comments that have curse words don’t show up. But people know how to get around it sometimes and when they do I just block them.

Where can people find you and watch your live streams?
You can find my videos at my YouTube channel which is IngravenVids. To keep up with my Live Streams, subscribe and YouTube will notify you when I go live.

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