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After the Smoke

After The Smoke
The five song  follow up E.P. to their fantastic 2013 release of ‘Microwaves’ has been eagerly anticipated and it doesn’t disappoint.  It’s almost symphonic in its approach to song writing without really betraying or denying the genre that they’ve found their home in.  “Rise Up,”  also just SOUNDS so good, it’s very well produced.  The vocal hooks, which always tend to be what I look for in reggae or it’s sister genres are so solid.  You can sing to this E.P.   You can think to this E.P.  You can certainly smoke to this E.P.  It’s a solid start to what I hope will lead to another full length soon.  You can find After the Smoke on Facebook and give “Rise Up,” a listen, pay extra attention to the song ‘Greed’ or also known as the song I’m going to be listening over and over to for like, a month.

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