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Good Deeds…..Not Done Dirt Cheap?

Interview by Madeline Mcphail

How did you guys form? And where does the name Good Deeds come from?

We started forming Good Deeds while attending CSU Channel Islands. We were all in classes together and we slowly started playing together. The band is interesting because we all come from different backgrounds musically and when we come together it makes our interesting and different sound. The band name says a lot about who we are, we are all positive people and Good Deeds is a positive phrase.

You guys won Best Alternative Band at The VCMA’s this year, what do you think led you to this award?

Alternative is the closest genre to who we are. Back in 2014 we were gigging a lot and really pushing the band. We were playing a lot of shows in Ventura County and we wanted to represent our school, CSUCI. It was really inspiring to be honored like that and received an award for our music.

What’s currently your favorite song and what is it about?

Our latest release, My Room. It’s a super upbeat song that talks about the dynamic between two people between the four walls of a room. It’s the different scenarios and experiences or conversations people might have in their room.

Where can people find your music and what can we expect from you guys in the future?

You can find our music on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and other music streaming platforms, check out Good Deeds – My Room. Find us on Instagram and Facebook @GoodDeedsTheBand. You can expect more music coming out, some cool concerts coming up and all around new content and Good Deeds.

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