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“Make the whole world feminist,” growl croons BadCop/BadCop singer Stacey Dee in their new single “WOMANARCHIST” off their upcoming record “Warriors” to be released on Fat Wrech Chords June 16th. A four piece punk rock band that leans heavily on nineties pop punk influence and a dash of Go-Go’s like harmonies. Consisting of Stacey Dee(vocals, guitar) Jennie Cotterill (vocals, guitar) Myra Gallarza (drums) and Linh Le (bass, vocals) the four have been making punk that dances on the fine line of fun and political, love songs and over it pop tunes that stay in your head and don’t let go. I had the pleasure of getting to talk to Jennie a little bit about the band and about what it was like to write a punk rock record in such a pivotal and heated time in American history.

“It was pretty huge we were talking before we got into the studio about what we wanted the next record to be and it’s not that it was far off from what we were doing but, it was definitely lighter. We’ve done some stuff in the past that is silly or fun and there’s a place for that, but we were on tour for two months without getting the election we fully got away from the blue bubble…. Once we got into redder areas and didn’t see any Hillary signs or even Bernie signs it was like, ‘Oh shit this isn’t what it looks like when we are at home.’ I was like ‘I can’t wait for our lady president,’ we all just really thought we had it in the bag and then when you get far from home and you’re in a lady band people can admit to you that they don’t see that very often which is not weird to us. When you get to places where the bands are all same gender middle class white guys, not that there’s anything wrong with that, you are lacking representation and people say weird things like ‘I’m buying this record for my daughter.’ It’s nice you’re buying it for your daughter but, it could be for you too this isn’t a pink bicycle situation, which is also bullshit. You can enjoy this band you don’t have to put your interest in the band to your girlfriend or your daughter and that’s kind of like the best end of it. We just got home and said we need to talk about more important things in this record instead of fun times. “We kind of tore down all the things that weren’t directly related to an important message.”

The four are also getting ready for Warped Tour starting June 16th the same day their new record is released, many bands have used Warped Tour as a way to spread their political ideas with people who maybe haven’t heard what’s been going on or might be in need of a different perspective.

“We are going to be in areas where people don’t share our political beliefs or are maybe not aware of the same issues that are important to us, so it’s like ‘What are we going to do with that?’ We have this opportunity to be there and be talking to people, we are a positive group of people and it’s hard to be angry or hateful to people that are listening to you and receiving you. How can we make this better?”

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