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The Hunna

Up and coming Indie Rock Sensations, The Hunna recently had some time between tour dates to catch up with No Cover Magazine and Red Light District Radio. Hailing from Hertfordshire, England these guys are currently on the Alt Nation tour with The Shelters and Night Riots. They will be performing in Las Vegas on December 8th at Holiday Havoc featuring Blink 182. Members include, Ryan Potter on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Dan Dorney on Lead Guitar, Jermaine Angin on Bass, and Jack Metcalfe on Drums.
For those not yet in the know, you can check out these up and comers on social media and also on youtube. From our perspective it almost seems as if these guys just popped up on our radar over night, but the truth of the matter is that they’ve been working hard for several years now to get their music out to the masses. Originally formed in 2011, The Hunna has been focusing on writing, and performing for a few years. It’s really given them ample time to gel and embrace what they are about musically. In the meantime, their label, 300 Entertainment, has been hard at work getting them into the right tours (Jimmy Eat World Tour, and Alt Nation) so that they have had the opportunity to come out and play several dates here in the U.S.
According to the band, they are all very passionate not just about their music, but also about friends and family. They all also have several things in common (ex. Soccer, and Fashion etc…) so it really helps them embrace and navigate how fast their careers seem to be taking off at present. They confess that in the down time they enjoy sampling the variety of foods and drink here in the U.S., playing X Box, shopping, watching DVD’s (they enjoy horror, sci-fi, and also comedies), and they are very active on social media.
When questioned on the origin of their name, they verified that it was in relation to slang for a hundred. They said they had always used Hunna with regards to multiple things for example, a Hunna percent (which is what they give to their fans). During the interview band members mentioned that they enjoy listening to other new artists such as, Japanese House and Highly Suspect.

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