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Local Business Spotlight – Lion City Studios

Spotlight On:

Lion City Recording Studio
– Lynn Lopez
Each month we will be casting a Spotlight On local businesses that provide services, venues, supplies etc.

This month let me introduce you to the guys at Lion City Recording Studio in Ventura.
Co-Owners Fili Landeros (Engineer, Producer, Writer, Musician) and Ezra Robison (Engineer, Producer, Public Relations, Musician) bring over 10+ years of knowledge and experience to the table and are joined by Jesus Galaz (2nd Engineer, Mastery) and Weston Tucker (3rd Engineer, Producer, Technician) to round out the team.
These guys offer a plethora of services. They are capable of taking on a musician’s entire project – from beginning to end. According to Fili, “It’s more than just demos and singles, we can help take them through their entire project, from development and writing – say a person comes in with just lyrics, we can sit down with them and help write the music. We do more than just recording.”  “We have instruments here that we own and can provide so if a vocalist or a band is looking for a particular sound we can help with that. If they need additional musicians we can help put them with people who will help them get the sound that they’re looking for, whether it’s us or someone else” adds Ezra. Fili states; “It’s all about the song and what’s going to make the music the best it can be. I’ve created hip hop beats and even done scratching.”
And they really aren’t joking when they say everything. Lion City offers:  Recording analog / digital, Mixing, Mastering, Music Production, a Rehearsal Room, Instruments, Event Back line, Graphic Design, CD Duplication, Printing, and Marketing. They even have someone who can come in and give guitar lessons. Hourly and daily rates are also available. The list of people they have worked with is quite extensive so it’s entirely likely that you’ve heard their work already. Nearly every reggae band in Ventura County has worked with Lion City (think After the Smoke, Rising Son, The Question) but other musicians such as Icky Green, Karen Parkhouse, The Magnificent Bastards, and Mike Bless (just to name a few) have worked with Lion City. Just give them a listen if you still need a recommendation, the work speaks for itself.
When asked what advice they would like to give aspiring musicians out there Fili, Ezra, and Jesus all had some really great feedback: “Don’t get discouraged. Find a great mentor and invest in an instrument that you can grow into musically. And, most importantly, learn how to take criticism. Be open minded. We (and others) want you to be your best. It isn’t about your ego or pride. You don’t want to listen back to your first project years later and talk about how embarrassed you are.”
If you have any questions, or would like more information, check out Lion City Recording Studios on Facebook or give the guys a call: Fili Landeros – 805-766-5997 or Ezra Robison – 805-794-4485.

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