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Slightly Stoopid

Interview with Slightly Stoopid
-Interview by Mike Finn

It’s a beautiful summer day at the O.C. fairgrounds as we’re pulling up to a tour bus that’s about 3 times the size of my apartment. On board is the members and crew from Slightly Stoopid getting pumped for their sold out show at the Pacific Amphitheatre. It’s a perfect way to kick off their nation wide Summer Haze tour. As we roll on board, we are pleasantly greeted by Miles and their newest member, C-Money to chat about the release of their upcoming album Chronchitis. We grab a couple seats on their plush leather couches and get right into it.

NO COVER– Hey guys, how’s it goin?
Miles– Good man, just getting ready to kick off the tour. It’s kinda exciting going back out with the boys. We’ve been friends with G-love for like 7 years so it’s kinda nice, were always just traveling together, so it’s pretty cool!
NO COVER– With the anticipation of the new album right now, you couldn’t of picked a better time to jump on a tour like this. Speaking of the new album, let’s get right on it! What’s the deal?
Miles– I mean were stoked. We got to work with some cool cats like Mario C from the Beastie Boys, Paul Leary from Butt Hole Surfers, Miguel from Sublime, and Chris D from the G-love crew. Working with Mario C was insane…we got some killer jams from him…..i don’t know what else to say, we had a killer time! (Laughing)
NO COVER – Any serious changes, new influences coming into the new album?
Miles- (laughing) Ya, we added our horn players (pointing to C-Money) and he also plays keyboards and back up vocals. C-Money and DeLa came in this past year with us and it was something we never really had and we incorporated it into the record, so he’s got a nice little style.
NO COVER– Right on man, C-Money keeping it real! How you feeling?
C-Money– I’m good! In fact, actually I think like with this merger, you know these guys are obviously very west coast in their flavor, but we’re coming from the east coast and this represents American music if you will; and even beyond that, American independent music at like I think it’s hottest point…you know what I mean?! That’s what we’re really trying to kick off with this tour and album, and what this album means. Working with all those big producers as an independent band; I mean I think I speak for all of us, It was a huge experience (Miles nodding his head in agreement) but we got to work at the same time, it wasn’t just like whoa! —-Everyone starts laughing—–
NO COVER– Especially with your success, you guys have done a killer job not getting sucked into the mainstream, but keeping the core following from the early days. What do you think has been the success or secret on that?
Miles– Well for us, we’ve always been a touring band, You know? I think a lot of bands get the wrong idea about a record company where “we signed with a label and everything is going to be taken care of and great”, but then that label is saying “you got to do this and that”. For us, we’re making music for ourselves and for our fans. We’re not making it for these other people. We want to be out there and stay on the road, I think the grass roots style of playing music is why people respect it. They know were on the road 200 days a year busting our ass to make it happen. We only have our fans and the hard work of everyone around us to thank. We do this because we love it! Not because it’s just a job…I mean this is fun, we get to hang out with our best friends and make music so it doesn’t get much better than that.
NO COVER– You guys have some pretty cool bands your touring with at the moment huh?
Miles- Ya! Ozomatli! G-Love! It’s gonna be pretty much madness this summer!
NO COVER– You guys got the cardio worked up for it or what?!
—-Everyone laughing—
C-Money– This is the powerhouse of independent music, I’m telling you! We’re gonna like try and make as much waves as possible.
Miles- Have a couple cocktails, a couple b-loads (laughing) and start the night right!
NO COVER– Awesome…so, the new album came out August 7th, what can we do to help push it out? You guys have a street team or something that people can join up on and get the word out??
Miles- Yeah! The Ese Locos! They kinda set the tone for how we do things. Without them, I don’t really think that this is possible. They kinda light the spark under peoples asses as far as getting stuff done; they’re always spreading the word, passing the flyers around…letting everyone know! Really, without them, I don’t think this kinda works!
C-Money– What they are, is what all of these big record labels dump all this money trying to create…that’s what they are! And that’s the thing, is you can’t fake it. It’s the real deal, it’s organic, it’s what it is. It’s a vibe, it’s an energy, it’s like a mass of people all kinda culminating off of one vibe!
NO COVER-Yeah, you guys have a great core fan base!
Miles-I know that everybody says that their fan’s are the best but, man, these guys are nuts! They seriously travel states, countries, it don’t matter, you know what I mean?
NO COVER– Right, well I don’t know of too many bands that have been rocking for fifteen years, coming back and having a sold out show the second they get back! If that’s not saying something…
Miles– We’re stoked! Like I said, we love the fans and we love playing music, it’s fun! It’s a good life to have…we’re very lucky!
NO COVER– Well, we’re stoked to have you guys back! Stoked on the new album, new additions, looking forward to new styles! Definitely going to have some new influences coming from you guys.
Miles– Oh, for sure! This album offers a lot of different styles, like you said we try to change every record that we make. It’s always a little bit different than the last, cause as musicians or whatever, we like to mix up…otherwise you get bored!
C-Money– That’s what true art is!
NO COVER- Well guys, first night on tour, got a lot going on! Welcome back and thank you for letting us crash the bus. Keep rockin’ and thank you so much for the opportunity!
Miles– Right on, thanks! We appreciate it!

-For the full video interview, log onto and click on NCTV!!!

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